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Octagonal Table

"Dear Adrian,
I would like to pass on my appreciation for your fabulous work on the Canadian Forces Health Services Time Capsule. The time capsule & table were unveiled on the 9th of July, 2004 housed in the Normandy Officers Mess at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa. This project is a lasting tribute to those who have served the Health Services in the last 100 years. The capsule will be opened in 50 years time and promices to be a spectacle worth attending.

This project was a local project with the contributors mostly being from the Petawawa area. The table was constructed by Mr Adrian Jones whose work ethic and dedication to perfection have made a lasting impression on those in attendance. Well done!

...Captain Marcus Brauer"

Model Ship Base

"Dear Adrian,
Many thanks for making a base for my ship model of the Lively ( a privateer circa 1813). I have bought many bases from ship modelling supply houses. None came close in quality of workmanship or beauty of materials to the one you did for me. I hope to have all my ship model bases made by you from now on.

...Pat Bradley"


Cedar Octagonal Gazebo

"Dear Adrian,
Let me add my name to the probable long list of those who feel your gazebo in the Canadian Home Workshop magazine is the best we have seen and I would like to find out more about it. It is the size we are looking for. It is very attractive and the most formidable I have seen....

Thank you and best wishes,  Fred Warriner"

"Dear Adrian,
My name is David Dasti and I live in Thunder Bay. We have been looking for gazebo plans for 2 years and have settled on the one you built and featured in this months magazine....

Thanks, David"


Maple Hope Chest
Maple Hope Chest

"Dear Adrian,

Chantal, Jim and I wanted to let you know how very pleased Chantal [our daughter] was when she received her beautiful christmas gift of a hope chest.  The results were beyond our expectations.  After shopping around for weeks, to no avail, we were delighted to have stumbled on the idea of having it made.  This gave us the opportunity to personalize the gift by helping with your suggestions of what woods to use, what size to have it and what style would best suit Chantal's needs.  The craftsmanship far surpassed anything we have seen while shopping the many malls, furniture stores and craft shows.  You not only created a piece of furniture, but a priceless heirloom which can and will be passed down for years to come.

Once again we Thank You!."

...Chantal, Jim and Carole Kay

Maple Hope Chest

Cherry Tea Cart

"Dear Adrian,

This tea cart reflects what I wanted, it is useful to extend the dining table or carry stuff you do not really need on the table all the time, convenient for TV tray. It has just the right proportion and is pretty. I am happy with your excellent work."

...Dorothee Malard

Maple Hope Chest

Picture Frames

"Dear Adrian

I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts assisting me with getting ready for my first, but not last, New York Art Show in SOHO.  After spending a week in New York checking out galleries and artists’ studios in SOHO, Chelsea and Tribeca, I would have to say that the art that stood out over the rest was that which was presented well.  A well-crafted frame goes a long way in adding that extra finishing touch to a painting, adding another level of professionalism to the presentation of the artwork.  I was certainly pleased with the art that I sent to New York, but blown away when I saw the paintings framed and hanging in SOHO.   Adrian, your attention to detail with the framing made the paintings spectacular. Thanks for your hard work, and I look forward to the next pile of frames for my upcoming shows this summer!"

...Greg Manley


Dear Greg

You have some fans now!   The paintings are unbelievable.  What a great job on the frames, the paintings are almost overwhelming!!!!"

...Tom Manley


"Hi Adrian,

Michele (Roussel) flipped over the frames. They are exactly what she's wanted to have for years.... The frames were beautiful."

... Robert Roaldi


"Dear Adrian,

Thank you for the beautiful work you have done with framing my art.  C'est magnifique!!!  I hope we will continue doing business together for a long time"

... Monique Beauchense

Deacon's Bench

"Hi Adrian

I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on our Deacon's Bench. My wife and I were very pleased with the results. The bench design is simple, but robust and fits our space beautifully. Your attention to detail and joinery are very impressive. This piece will surely serves us for many years to come! I also particularily liked the "running commentary" on your webpage. Seeing the pieces, and them coming together, was a lot of fun. This also contributed to the feeling that we were getting a unique piece of heirloom furniture and not a "mass produced" piece of "utility" grade furniture." Thanks again. Best Wishes"

...William and Jessica


Following WoodsGood plans published in Canadian Woodworking...

"Hi Adrian,

I'd like to thank you for the for the tips and the fast response, sorry it took so long for my reply but I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the completed bench. By the way I did get it done before Christmas and my wife was quite surprised. Many thanks,"

... Mark Mitchell


Following WoodsGood plans published in Canadian Woodworking...


Well I built it. It was finished just before Christmas and has received rave reviews from my wife and visitors to our home. It sits proudly in our entry way and everyone who saw it wanted to know where we had purchased it. I changed the panels from straight to raised. I think it gives it just a bit more character. The delay in sending you a photo was that my sons got a digital camera for Christmas and it has been a learning curve for me to use it and get the time. I only get to use it when they are asleep. I have attached a digital photo and hope that you can open it. If not please do not hesitate to advise me of what format is acceptable to you. Thank you for supplying your plans to Canadian Woodworking for all to see and build, it is an interesting project and I enjoyed the learning experience from making it. Thank you also for your assistance in correcting the errors in print and keeping me on the right track."

... Joe Smith

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