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LIFETIME Clock: The Game of Life with a new seed!

Introducing the LIFETIME Clock…

A clock that not only keeps precise time, but seeds and plays the Conway’s Game of Life with the current time.


LifeTime Clock: showing current time and the world of Conway’s Game of Life. Now sporting its new two-part enclosure machined from HDPE (High-Density PolyEthelene). Changes include a seconds “progress bar” at the bottom of the screen and a larger font used for the hours and minutes.

For the LIFETIME Clock, TIME becomes the seed for LIFE. 

Profound, huh!

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WEATHERMAN – ESP8266 on a 2.4″ Colour LCD

The WEATHERMAN Web Weather Station project has taken on many guises as it has evolved through different hardware configurations. My latest is built on the ESP8266 WeMos D1 Mini board and uses my recent eBay delivered 2.4″ True Color TFT LCD 320×240 Display Module.


Weatherman: sporting its brand new CNC’ed case, showing day select button


Weatherman: In its brand new HDPE 2-part case

Weatherman Colour:

Weatherman Colour: running on an ESP8266 and displaying on a 2.4″ Colour 320×240 LCD

Similar to other small OLED displays, this display runs on 3.3V and supports an I²C interface which makes it an ideal companion to the web-capable ESP8266. And what’s more, it ships from within Canada!

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