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The MIDI DRUM is a finger-activated drum machine to create MIDI-based percussion sounds. The unit comprises two main parts – a life-sized hand template and a controller – that together react to finger touch and output a unique set of drum sounds to the MIDI interface.

MIDIDrum-p1Each finger ‘pad’ can be programmed to sound one of a large number of standard percussion presets (House, Rock, Folk and Jazz) such that an entire drum set can be presented.

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MIDI Glove

The MIDI GLOVE is a development platform for a gesture and movement-controlled MIDI-based music making system. The system consist of two parts – the MIDI GLOVE TX (transmitter) and the MIDI GLOVE RX (receiver).



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MIDI Foot Controller

The MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER is a simple foot pedal interface to allows keyboard players to rapidly change between preset MIDI settings.

MidiFootBoard-p16-switch MIDI Foot Controller

The unit provides 6 stomp switches, 4 of which are used to cycle through 3 sets (S1, S2, S3) of three MIDI presets. Each preset controls the program for up to 4 MIDI channels (MIDI channel 1 – 4). The remaining two switches allow the user to increment and decrement programs, from the current set and preset (MIDI channel 1) to allow for finer granularity of sound control.

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