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Introducing “The SIMPLER SIMON”, a fun game for seniors based on the original “Simon” 70’s game.

Simpler Simon

Simpler Simon

Aimed primarily at the elderly and people with cognitive challenges, the current version of the SIMPLER SIMON sports three basic games – “Follow Me” (simple and blink), “Memory Pairs”, and “Memory Sequence”.

Large tactile buttons, vibrant bright colours and playful melodies make this an engaging game for all ages.

Here, the SIMPLER SIMON basic “Memory Sequence” game is being played.

Based on feedback from field testing, the latest revision of the SIMPLER SIMON includes more rounded and textured (numbered) buttons, and baffling to reduce light bleed between adjacent buttons. Additional software changes have increased the range of tones used for the buttons, provided longer intervals between successive game plays, and added the “Memory Pair” game.

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Light Writer Clock

The LIGHT WRITER CLOCK is a work in progress. The unit mechanically moves an illuminated high-powered LED over a light-sensitive phosphor-coated sheet to trace out the digits of the time.


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