MIDI Glove

The MIDI GLOVE is a development platform for a gesture and movement-controlled MIDI-based music making system. The system consist of two parts – the MIDI GLOVE TX (transmitter) and the MIDI GLOVE RX (receiver).

MIDIGloveTX-p1MIDIGloveRX-p1The MIDI GLOVE TX transmits three axis of movement information to the MIDI GLOVE RX using an 433MHz RF link. The MIDI GLOVE RX receives the three streams of data, processes it and sends MIDI packets to the MIDI interface. The MIDI GLOVE RX offers a myriad options as to how to process the information. Typical operation processes two of the three axis data streams into separate voice channels transmitted on two separate MIDI channels (channel 1 and 2). Processing on each of these two channel include setting tonal range, chromatic scale and voice. In addition, the two channels may be locked together to provide interesting multi-voiced effects. The third axis data stream is processed to provide overall expression to the two voice channels. Expression options include volume, hold, vibrato, resonance, panpot, attack, decay and portamento.

The (rather poor) video shows the MIDI GLOVE system connected to a Roland RD700 Keyboard. Half-way through the video I set the channel lock option on the MIDI GLOVE RX and the tones change quite dramatically. The expression chosen is HOLD and this provides controlled sustain to the notes voiced.

The MIDI GLOVE RX is built around an Arduino Nano connected to a 3-axis accelerometer and a 433MHz transmitter. The unit is powered using a single 9V battery.

MIDIGloveTX-p2The MIDI GLOVE RX is built into a housing made of copper-clad fiber-board and acrylic. The electronics are built around an Arduino MEGA connected to a 433MHz receiver, a two-line LCD display, a rotary encoder/switch combo and a MIDI interface.The combination of the LCD and rotary encoder/switch provide control and selection of the operational parameters of the MIDI GLOVE RX. Selections also include storing and restoring of user settings in the MEGA’s EEPROM RAM and the ability to reset settings to default values. The MIDI GLOVE RX unit is powered with 9V DC power supply.

MIDIGloveRX-p2 MIDIGloveRX-p3


This is a lot of fun to play with and a great platform on which to explore motion-controlled music creation.

Here are the Arduino files for both teh transmitter and receiver [ MIDIGloveFiles]


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