MIDI Foot Controller

The MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER is a simple foot pedal interface to allows keyboard players to rapidly change between preset MIDI settings. The unit provides 6 stomp switches, 4 of which are used to cycle through 3 sets (S1, S2, S3) of three MIDI presets. Each preset controls the program for up to 4 MIDI channels (MIDI channel 1 – 4). The remaining two switches allow the user to increment and decrement programs, from the current set and preset (MIDI channel 1) to allow for finer granularity of sound control.

MidiFootBoard-p36-switch MIDI Foot Controller after power on

A matrix of LEDs provide visual indication of set number and preset value within each set. An additional series of LEDs provide visual feedback for each stomp switch operation.


6-switch MIDI Foot Controller showing set 1, preset 1

The unit allows the keyboard player to move through programmed sets quickly and easily. The video below shows the unit connected to a Roland RD700 keyboard. The MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER is cycled through some of the preset settings using the set and three preset stomp switches. The last part of the video shows the use of the increment stomp switch to advance through the Roland RD 700 voices.

The unit is powered by a single 9V DC power supply and features standard 5-pin DIN-type interfaces for both a MIDI output and a MIDI thru that acts as a fully isolated pass-through when the unit is switched off.


The unit is built into a custom wooden and laminate wedge-shaped enclosure. The electronics consist of an Arduino UNO with custom interface boards for the LED display matrix, stomp switches, LEDs and MIDI interfaces.

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    Where can I get a schematic and the code for this? I’d like to build one with the same features.


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