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CORONA TOUCH is a touch-activated light machine that creates a wide range of beautifully animated and soothing light patterns that emanate from its core.

Corona Touch

Corona Touch



Simpler Simon

Simpler Simon with large tactile buttons, bright lights and tones and game play melodies.

Aimed primarily at the elderly and/or people with cognitive challenges, the current version of the SIMPLER SIMON sports two basic games – “Follow Me” and “Memory Sequence” – each with two variations.


Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter: sporting large shaped buttons, bright and vivid colours and game play notes and melodies.

The SHAPE SHIFTER is an interactive game that combines sound, light and tactile elements to encourage memory strengthening play. Also aimed primarily at the elderly and people with cognitive challenges, the current version of the game features 5 different games of increasing complexity. Large shaped buttons, interactive melodies and bright vividly coloured lights combine to make this an engaging and fun  game for all ages.


While the Maze Game requires the user to hold and tilt the game unit, we wanted to maintain the game play but separate the motion required to play the game from the LED panel itself. Et voila, the AirMaze was born.


AirMaze Display: 8×8 addressable LED strip display

AirMaze Wand

AirMaze Wand: battery powered remote containing the accelerometer, RF transciever and processing


AirMaze: showing AirMaze Glove and AirMaze Display

AirMaze effectively splits the Maze Game into two pieces: the AirMaze Glove and the AirMaze Display. Hand movements transmitted over an RF link moves the game “ball” around a series of progressively challenging mazes replete with hazards.  The AirMaze system is to be trialed with the elderly and those suffering from strokes in an effort to assist in hand-eye coordination rehabilitation.

Maze Game


Maze Game: Showing Level 0 maze

This is a conceptually simple maze game that requires the player to make a light “ball” follow the path of a maze by tilting the panel in both x and y axis. As play progress, the colour of the ball reflects the number of times the player has come off the path and restarts if too many miss steps have been made. Once the path has been completed, the player advances to the next level with a more complex maze. But hazards await!

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