Word Clock

WORD CLOCK is an illuminated wall clock that displays the time in words.  The time is presented by a set of words creating a full sentence of the time every 5 minutes. Small LEDs in the bottom line allow time reading to the minute. The fascia is red vinyl behind a clear plexiglass screen. Each illuminated words is made up of an array of 110 of white LEDs, one for each letter of each word.

(Please also see version 2 of the design that uses addressable LED strips)

Illustrations show the transition of the display of 7:34 (notice the bottom centre LEDs) and 7:35


It is nine o’clock

Only a small number of letters in the screen are not illuminated… Which ones and what do they spell?

A central rotary mode switch cycles through the independent setting of the hours and minutes while rotation increments or decrements the adjustment being made. A tri-colour LED and the main display illustrate the time setting mode providing visual feedback as to the function being adjusted.

Rear view of word clock showing components and wiring.

The housing is built using copper clad fibre-board. The front cavity contains the sections that form each word grouping while the real cavity houses the electronics and control. The electronics consist of an Arduino UNO, a DS3231 Real Time Clock, a custom board of shift registers and LED drivers, a rotary encoder, and myriad ‘word’ boards driving the LEDs making up each letter. The unit is powered by a single 9V DC power supply and a battery back-up in the RTC ensures that the time is maintained over power interruptions.

Please contact me for the source code.

Hope you like the result…

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