Speaking Clock

SPEAKING CLOCK ‘tells’ the time in the author’s voice. An ultrasonic proximity detector is used to sound either the time of day (am and pm) or the date depending on the distance of the interruption.

SpeakingClock-p1Front view of the Speaking Clock showing small speaker and ultrasonic transducer

A set of 4 switches on the rear of the housing allows for time (hours and minutes), date (date, month, year) and alarm settings. One switch cycles through the setting modes, while two serve to increment and decrement the setting. The forth is used to control and operate the alarm. In each setting mode, the clock states the new setting providing audible feedback to the user.

SpeakingClock-p2Rear view of the Speaking Clock showing 4 switches used to set and control time, date and alarm

The unit is built into a custom enclosure of copper-clad fibre board and red plexiglass. The electronics consist of an Arduino UNO, a Wave shield and a DS3231 Real Time Clock. The myriad sound samples (in .wav format) are stored on a MicroSD memory card. These are played in real-time under software control using the Wave shield. The unit is powered by a 9V DC power supply and a battery-backup on the RTC maintains the time across power interruptions.

Please contact me for the source code.

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