RGB LED Strip Light Alarm Clock

My son, home for the holidays, wanted to build an alarm clock that would wake him gently in the morning with lots of light. He lives in a basement flat out West and does not receive much natural lighting early in the morning. He plans to install 5-10 metres of inexpensive RGB LED light strip (see previous discussion) around the periphery of his raised bed. When the alarm activates, a cycle of slowly pulsing light emanates from below the bed. He is holidaying at the right place!

A software and hardware design made for hacking!

Please check out more recent posts for additional features and capability.

Here’s a video of the finished clock:

The clock is built using an Arduino Nano driving each string of the strip’s LEDs (red, green and blue) using N-channel power FETs (50N06 MOSFET). A 2×16 display is used to show time and alarm settings while a 4 switch membrane panel allows the user to cycle through functions to view and set time, date and alarm.  Accurate time is maintained with a Real-Time Clock module. Alarm time and other settings are stored in EEPROM to maintain function against power failures. The alarm clock is housed in a custom made enclosure made of copper-clad circuit board (SRBP) with a clear plastic top. Power is supplied with a 12V 2A wall-wart. A 4 pin panel connector connects to the four wires (red, green, blue and +12V) of the RGB LED strip.

At the alarm time, the light strip’s intensity slowly ramps up to full brightness and pulses using an 8 second triangular wave function for the 5 minute effect duration. The LCD also indicates this alarm cycle. Features of the software include the ability to change the values of hue and saturation (HSV) of the strip and the pulse delay (in ms) of the alarm cycle.

RGB LED Strip Alarm Clock

RGB LED Strip Alarm Clock

RGB LED Strip Alarm Clock

RGB LED Strip Alarm Clock

An additional feature that Samuel wanted was the ability to separately control the colour and display functions of his RGB LED Strip Light with the remote controller that came with it. This capability has been added by incorporating an IR Remote receiver. Check out more recent posts for this and additional capabilities.

Here’s the RGBLEDStripAlarmClock-Schematic. Check out recent posts for full Arduino code.

The first project by WoodUino and son!


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