Mechanical Clocks

While it is true that I have only been making Arduino-powered clocks for just a couple of years, my fascination with clocks – mechanical and otherwise – reaches way back. I recently discovered a folder containing photographs and a tally of a series of mechanical clocks that I made shortly after Sian, my first child, was born – over 25 years ago. Lise (my love) does not refer to this time of my life very often, and when she does it is whispered behind her hand. At times you may just catch the words “manic”, “obsessive” and “crazy”.  Well, mia culpa!

Anyway, here are some of those clocks, several of which were carried by Chashka, a funky little store in the Byward Market in Ottawa. However, once they had sold the first batch (I checked regularly) they never returned my calls and shortly afterwards, shut up shop. I live in the hope that I was not part of their unfortunate demise. Still, you never know?

With the exception of the telephone clock (which also told the time through the handset using a separate speech chip) the clocks are built into spray-painted laminate enclosures with a 120V motor-driven clock mechanism with a sweeping second hand. While each clock is unique, most of the enclosures were designed as three or four sided pyramids rotated through solid angles. Fun while it lasted!

I have often wondered how many are still working. Lise mused that they probably ended up doing the garage sale circuit. How cruel!

MechanicalClocks-p05 MechanicalClocks-p16 MechanicalClocks-p17
MechanicalClocks-p09 MechanicalClocks-p13 MechanicalClocks-p14
MechanicalClocks-p15 MechanicalClocks-p12 MechanicalClocks-p11
MechanicalClocks-p10 MechanicalClocks-p08 MechanicalClocks-p07
MechanicalClocks-p06 MechanicalClocks-p04 MechanicalClocks-p03
MechanicalClocks-p02 MechanicalClocks-p01