About WoodUino…

WoodUino is a name suggested by my partner, Lise, as a way to describe the melding of my WoodsGood and WebsGood activities and my interest for all things Arduino – both the system-on-a-chip platform and its accompanying open-source hardware and software communities.

My history in brief… I was fortunate to be one of the first wave of students to study “Solid-state Physics” at Southampton University in the 70’s and then to be employed for many years in electronics design, medical electronics and migrating into managing large-scale data telecommunication systems. Following another passion led me to morph my hobby woodworking into making a living as a custom carpenter designing and building dozens of commissions. Documenting the design and build of each custom piece of furniture led to writing scores of articles for woodworking magazines. My love of teaching then drove me back to school for a teaching degree and subsequent research in mathematics education and initiatives to introduce and inculcate teachers to the profession.

Throughout these experiences, I have found great enjoyment and fulfillment in the creative and artistic processes of designing and building – whether it be wood furniture, metal sculpture, web-based systems, or electronic projects. For me, nothing gives me more pleasure than working with my hands (except in the garden weeding) and nothing gets me out of bed in the morning faster than having new projects on the go.

I thank my lucky stars for the love of my partner, Lise; my interesting and interested children, Sian and Samuel; and the ability to continue to follow my passions. It is my hope that you find something interesting or though-provoking in these pages. Your critical feedback is, as always, welcomed and encouraged.

Please feel free to contact me by email.