WaveForm: The sleek new Simpler Simon with free play

The latest in the suite of Simpler Simon games is


WaveForm: sleek new design and now with “FreePlay”

WaveForm is a sleek new design of the Simpler Simon game with large illuminated “arcade-style” buttons, the same great game play, a fully programmable volume control, and the addition of FreePlay.

WaveForm: new thinner style

Free Play was suggested by my recreologist friend who is using versions of the Simpler Simon with clients suffering from dementia and other cognitive challenges. Free Play allows users to play the five notes – arranged as the first 5 notes of the key of C major – to make up their own melodies. This play mode allows clients to make up tunes with the familiar notes of Doh, Ray, Me, Fah, Soh. It’s amazing how many tunes you can play with just these 5 notes!

WaveForm: game play with musical notes and bright illuminated buttons.

WaveForm is constructed from smooth white and black plastic and feels smooth and sleek to the touch. It is designed to sit comfortably on the client’s lap, and the wave-shape is styled on the increasing pitch of consecutive piano keys.

WaveForm: One of the Simpler Simon series from SENSE-i.ca



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