AURORA WAVE: Interactive light display

Introducing AURORA WAVE, another member of the interactive light display devices for the elderly and people with cognitive challenges. AURORA WAVE is a movement-activated light device that creates a wide range of beautifully animated and soothing light patterns that appear to emanate from its core.


AURORA WAVE: (left) shown alongside the CORONA WAVE product

AURORA WAVE: (left) shown alongside the CORONA WAVE product

AURORA WAVE: (right) shown with CORONA WAVE

AURORA WAVE (left) shown alongside the CORONA WAVE product

AURORA WAVE: (left) shown cycling through one of the 9 animated light patterns

Here are some comments from a practitioner using the AURORA WAVE with residents of a long-term care facility:

“Wow!  What a powerful glow from all the LEDs.  The glow reflects off the wall mirrors and provides enough light for the whole room.  I used the AURORA WAVE with three of my residents in the Snoezelen room.  These are some of my most challenging residents.  The residents have severe dementia and very low activity tolerance and/or participation.  They did not comprehend touching the surface.  Some have severe contractures in their arms or fingers.  We watched the AURORA WAVE cycle through the various modes on its own and I would bring it closer to their line of vision and change it myself.  I did hand-over-hand action for some.  The AURORA WAVE gives off heat in the middle which was a nice side effect as it helps in arthritic relief.”

Larger than its brother, CORONA WAVE, the AURORA WAVE is 144mm (5.7″) in diameter and creates its light patterns and animations using nearly 100 RGB (red, green, blue) LEDs arranged in 5 consecutive rings.

The AURORA WAVE incorporates a novel infra-red sensor underneath its top surface to allow the user to control the pattern animation speed and brightness without requiring any physical touch. In addition, without user interaction, the brightness of the display is slowly reduced and the animation advanced to the next light pattern. This automatic mode is particularly effective for clients who enjoy the stimulation of the light patterns but are not able to control or interact with the device.

Currently the AURORA WAVE is being trialed with residents of a long-term care facility to test its effectiveness and utility.

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