MIDI Hand Drum: Finally Completed

MIDI Drum: Finally Enclosed

Finally, the completion of the MIDI Hand Drum, sporting its brand new CNC’ed enclosure. Here are a couple of videos where I am attempting to hold the camera and carry a beat! To be bettered!

MIDI Hand Drum

MIDI Hand Drum: Newly encased, showing right (and left) hand finger “pads”.

The initial MIDI Hand Drum project had been built primarily for my son, Samuel, who plays the drums (and very well, I may add!).  Although he had a full drum kit, this was designed so that he could play the drum sounds using his fingers on my Roland RD700 keyboard (using a MIDI interface). While the initial design worked well, I never got round to taking it off the breadboard and encasing it.

So, imagine my horror when I found several of my “prototype” MIDI designs had been “carefully” put aside for relegation to the workshop!   Arggg.  Shock. Horror!

Only one thing to do… give the MIDI Drum a nice shiny new enclosure.

The enclosure consists of two 12mm “clamshells” that snap together and fasten with M3 screws. Large pockets were routed out on both case parts to accommodate the 2×16 character display, the electronics board, the rotary control switch and the six finger pad touch switches (that allow for both right and left hand operation). Post CNC work, additional holes were cut in both sides to accommodate a standard MIDI DIN socket and a DC power socket.

MIDI Hand Drum

MIDI Hand Drum: sporting its new HDPE 2-part “clamshell” enclosure housing the LCD, rotary control button, power and MIDI connectors.

The electronics consist of an Arduino Nano that takes inputs from the six finger pads and converts them into MIDI packets to activate the various drum sounds on the Roland. The display dynamically displays each finger (t-thumb, f-first, m-middle, r-ring and s-small) and the various functions that allow users to select the drum sounds associated with each finger.

Additional connections are made to the MIDI socket, 2 line x 16 character LCD module (using I2C interface), and the rotary control switch.

Contact me for the software, if you like…

Now, all I need is for someone who can play the unit… Drum On!

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  1. Tim

    Hi. I would be interested in seeing the Arduino sketch as I am doing a similar project and would like to incorporate an LCD.


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