CNC – Project Enclosures

With the help of the founders of the Make613 Group (Doug, Dave, Darcy and Justin), I have been learning a couple of simple CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) tools to design and fabricate enclosures and other pieces for my most recent projects. The latest CNC’ed enclosure – seen below – does double duty as a 2-part case for my  Weatherman and LifeTime Clock projects.




LifeTime Clock

The enclosure is made from two pieces of 12mm HDPE (High Density Polyethelene) that connect together using knurled threaded inserts and M3 hardware. The top part has 4mm pockets for the nut inserts, a full opening for the 2.4″ colour LCD and a deep pocket for the display board and one half of the pocket for the USB power connector. The lower part has one large pocket, through-holes for the connecting screws and the mating pocket for the USB plug. In addition, a small pocket is made for the selector button.


Weatherman Case: top and bottom seen from inside


Weatherman Case: complete


Weatherman Case: on end showing USB plug opening

The design of the box was created using SketchUp CAD software with a CAM extension called Sketch-UCam. Due to a limitation with the software in creating overlapping pockets, the design was divided into multiple files – three for the top, two for the bottom. The g-code from each partial file was then concatenated to form the complete tool path. Check out my CNC page for more information on the hardware and software set-up.

Let me know if you want the CNC files…

Giving the projects a nice clean look!

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