Monthly Archives: October 2015

Catching up….

I haven’t posted very much recently as we’ve been preparing the cottage for winter. Along with the draining of the irrigation system, bringing in the docks, stowing the boats, it also involved some woodworking: sawing, splitting and stacking nearly 16 cords of wood! (For those unfamiliar with wood “parlance”, a “face cord” is wood cut to 16-18″ wide in a stack 4′ high and 8′ long).

Delivery of wood

Delivery of wood: 60 logs, 15′ long with an average diameter of 11″

Sawn, split and stacked

Sawn, split and stacked wood…. about 17 cords overall to start burning next winter

However, electronics was not forgotten… I have just received some goodies from China that include:

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