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Almost without thinking, we explain our relationship to time through many different metaphors. Metaphors for time – its passing and measurement – are apparently the most commonly used metaphors in the English language. We are taught how to represent time – both elapsed and absolute – using a circular clock face, and to use phrases like “the top of the hour” that reference this metaphor. The metaphor seems apt considering the repeating and “circular” nature of our daily perception of time, and the use of the clock face to display time is ubiquitous.

But then again we also reference the linear metaphor of a line stretching into the distance, when we talk in terms of lengths of time, such as the question “how long did that take”? So, why not design a clock that exploits this notion of “length(s) of time”?

Introducing the “Length of Time Clock”… a novel clock that measures time – literally!

Length Of Time Clock

Length Of Time Clock

Yep. The “Length Of Time Clock” displays the time through the linear measurement of extending tape measures… You literally measure time. As a 24 hour clock – and being at one with Imperial and metric units of length – hours are measured in inches while both the minutes and seconds are measured in centimeters.

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