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CNC machine (or “drool, but don’t touch”)

Enter stage left, my new Model 3040 CNC Machine. Ta da!

CNC 3040 Machine

CNC 3040 Machine

Now, this is what I would call a real man’s toy!

For those of you (myself included) who are not very clued up about computer numerical control (CNC) machines, I guess we’ll teach each other.

The unit basically moves a high-speed rotary tool in three different orthogonal (90 degree) axis. The unit sits on a substantial aluminum base with an extruded aluminum bed. A heavy-duty gantry straddles this bed and rides up and down on the base (Y-axis) while the rotary tool assembly on the gantry can move from side to side (X-axis) and up and down (Z-axis). Hence, the three axis!

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