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Colour Temperature Display

The Colour Temperature Display shows the temperature by mapping it temperature to position on a colour wheel. Multiple discrete red, green and blue LEDs combine to create a vivid colour display over the temperature range of 15°C  (blue) to 25°C (red).

ColourTemp-p1The Colour Temperature Display displaying its colour for 20° C

Temperature is read from an internal sensor and its 15 – 25° temperature range is converted to a corresponding hue (using HSI colour model) that spans from 0° (red) to 240° (blue) of the colour wheel.

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Speaking Clock

This SPEAKING CLOCK ‘tells’ the time in the author’s voice. An ultrasonic proximity detector is used to sound either the time of day (am and pm) or the date depending on the distance of the interruption.

SpeakingClock-p1Front view of the Speaking Clock showing small speaker and ultrasonic transducer

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Word Clock

This is an illuminated wall clock that displays the time in words.  The time is presented by a set of words creating a full sentence of the time every 5 minutes. Small LEDs in the bottom line allow time reading to the minute. The fascia is red vinyl behind a clear plexiglass screen. Each illuminated words is made up of a number of white LEDs, one for each letter of the word.

WordClockFace-p2 WordClockFace-p1

Illustrations show the display of 7:34 and 7:35

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Wall Clock

This is an illuminated wall clock that displays hours and minutes, and optionally, seconds, in a somewhat conventional clock format.  The clock has 60 tri-colour LEDs embedded into its periphery to shine a pleasing analogue representation of the time onto the wall on which the clock is hung. Along with the normal hour and minute time setting features, both the individual colour and brightness of the hours, minutes and seconds can be simply adjusted allowing matching to individual preferences and any decor.

WallClock-p5Nighttime illumination showing 45 minutes past nine.

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As much for my own failing memory, I shall be posting ideas and details of various projects that I’ve been or still am working on. For the electronics projects I intend on publishing hardware details (plans, schematics) and software loads (minus the many revisions).

I welcome and suggestions and all critical feedback.



… .Adrian