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torah ark   torah ark
[Pictures by Yoram Lapid]

Ark For Jewish Torah

One of the most interesting commissions to date, this ARK (or "Aron Hakodesh") is built in cherry and maple and designed to safely house and present up to two Torah, the Jewish Holy scroll. Standing over 6 feet tall, this housing unit is built in two separate pieces that can be simply separated for efficient and safe storage. The upper section houses the Torah(s) and had a custom designed rail that allows for a wrap-around hanging curtain. Separate adjustable stops in the base and the top crown provide side-to-side and lateral support for the handles of the Torah. The lower section, which separates from the upper part below the mid transitional moulding, is hinged so that the sides fold flat behind the front face. The whole unit can be disassembled quickly and simply without tools. Safety clips at the rear ensure that the sections are connected securely.
The unit is built from interlocking frames made of solid cherry and maple veneer for both aesthetics and light-weight.

The whole assembly is finished in three coats of natural Danish oil with a final coat of satin wax.

maple library

Maple Library Installation

A large installation completed Autumn 2002, the maple library consists of seven carcasses containing fourty shelves.  The units are constructed from rotary cut maple veneer plywood with solid maple edging and maple veneer backs using biscuit joinery.  The carcasses stand on adjustable legs that are wrapped with a removeable toe-kick that houses electrical, telephone and cable TV connections.  The carcasses are topped with a traditional roman ogee maple mid-moulding, valance and solid maple roman ogee crown moulding.  The corner unit boasts glass shelves and will be finished with a glass door.  A large solid maple writing desk is also included.
The installation also incorporated five additional halogen pot lights, additional conveniently spaced electrical outlets and a central vacuum connection.
The whole assembly is finished in three coats of clear protective polyurathane laquer.

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