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Cedar Paddle Rack

This cedar paddle rack is a simple and efficient way to avoid the tangle of oars and paddles on the dock. Inspired by the Great Canadian Moose, this cedar paddle rack can hang at least eight oars and paddles of varying lengths and shapes. It is designed to be either free-standing or to be installed over 2" steel dock posts. It is finished with Danish oil.

Outside dimensions are 24" x 24" x 80" H.

Cedar Planter
This outdoor cedar planter is designed to hold two large plant pots - up to 12" in diameter and 10" high. The planter is a four-sided jointed box that sits on three legs placed across its width.  The legs support the sides and the faces of the box and provides an internal lip to support two composite decking slats on which the plant pots stand. Water draining from the pots or from rain will drain between the slats and not pool around the cedar. It is finished with three coats of outdoor spar varnish.

Outside dimensions are 29" L  x 13" W x 12" H.

Cedar Deck Box
The deck storage box is designed with a capacity of twenty life jackets. The storage unit is an arched hinged lidded box constructed from cedar frames with cedar panels.  The front, sides and rear panels are made from jointed rails and stiles with jointed cedar slats.  The fitted base is made using composite plastic decking slats fitted with netting that provides water drainage and air circulation to dry the jackets yet prevents insect or rodent entry.  The hinged top is crowned to shed water.  Waterproof glue, exterior screws and cedar hole plugs are used as the box is intended for the outdoors. It is finished with three coats of outdoor spar varnish.  

Outside dimensions are 48" L x 30" D x 34" H

Cedar Love Seat
This love seat is designed to be an eye-catching yet functional piece of outdoor furniture that will comfortably seat two adults.   The seat has animal-like legs, the arm rests are shaped like balled fists while their supports are shaped as tusks.  The seat is lightly dished for comfort and the curves are shaped from both solid and laminated pre-dimensioned cedar lumber.   Dowel joinery is used throughout - no nails or screws. The seat is finished with three coats of outdoor spar varnish.  

The seat measures 52" L x 22" W x 31" H.
Gazebo-Flooring-Center.jpg Gazebo-Shingles-3.jpg Gazebo-RafterPostDetail-1.jpg Gazebo-RoofBoards-Complete.jpg
Octagonal Cedar Gazebo
This all cedar octagonal gazebo measures 13 1/2 feet in diameter and is over 12 feet high. The 12:8 pitch roof is sheathed in cedar boards covered with cedar shakes. The roof structure includes additional cripples and sub-rafters for strength and rigidity under heavy snow load and strong winds. The gazebo features a pegged floor arranged in a radiating diagonal pattern and eight split panel sides. Each side panel is crowned with a wooden arch and fully screened above and below the centre ledge with removable screens.  This allows for maximum air flow without impeding the view.  The screens are set into frames that allow removal and insertion by one person without tools. The door, floor and eaves are also fully screened against mosquitos and black flies. Entry is via one or both of the split doors. The structure is finished with multiple coats of tinted exterior finish and the roof with a clear oil finish.

Pictures showing the progressive construction of the gazebo can be seen here.
Sectioned Floating Boat Dock
Made from Western Red Cedar and composite plastic decking. The substantial framework, joisting and surrounding skirts are in red cedar, while the inlaid decking is made from composite planking that resists cracking and splitting.  The 250 sq. ft. assembly is supported on ten floatation "boxes" for a stable and buoyant structure that supports the frame above the waterline.  This means that no wood is in contact with the water, preserving both the integrity and finish of the cedar.  
With the exception of the bolts for the corner brackets and mooring cleats, there are no fasteners visible from the outside.  This protects the integrity of the skirts and gives the dock a clean, uninterrupted look.  The cedar frame is sealed with three coats of spar varnish. 
Mooring cleats provides space for up to 6 boats.
swim platform
Swim Platform
Made from Western Red Cedar and composite plastic decking.  All framework, joisting and surrounding skirts are in red cedar, while the inlaid decking is made from composite planking that is splinter free and does not require regular maintenance.  The 64 sq. ft. deck is supported on four floatation "boxes" that lifts all wood from the water.  The platform is sealed with three coats of spar varnish.
Transitional Steps
Made from Western Red Cedar these steps provide a smooth and low angled transition between two gardens. The low rise angle allows for wide and deep treads with low step height; well appreciated by young children and the elderly.
Cedar Potting Table
Cedar Potting Table
Made from Western Red Cedar the potting table consists of a jointed frame - for strength without "clank" - with recessed main work surface, lower shelf and two curved upper shelves.  A lid in the main surface opens  for access to two removable plastic bins, ideal for earth and potting compound.  The table is finished in three coats of spar varnish.
Cedar Planter
Cedar Planter
Made from Western Red Cedar throughout, the planter is an open frame with an adjustable platform that allows you to set its height so that you can display your favourite large indoor or outdoor plants.
The planter consists of a jointed frame with open slatted sides for strength and durability and wide legs that provide stability for even the heaviest plants.  The size of the planter can be scaled to accommodate from the smallest cactus display to the "largest Aspidistra in the world".
The planter is finished with a warm dark red stain that shows off the cedar's grain and sealed with three coats of spar varnish.

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